Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Time Warner Loses Information on 600,000 employees

Time Warner reported on Monday, May 2, that they are missing computer tapes containing Social Security Numbers and other personal information on 600,000 current and former employeees.

Apparently the tapes were lost while being transported by the data-storage company Iron Mountain.

The tapes include personal information on employees, and their dependents and relatives, dating back to 1986.

Time Warner is investigating, and apparently so is the Secret Service, although the tapes, could, of course, simply be lost.

This incident reveals yet again the need for security when handling and transporting backup tapes, and possibly the need for higher standards in this area.

Federal laws or rules regarding information security could cost businesses much more than simple information privacy laws, making it all the more important that businesses get a handle on this problem themselves, now, before the government steps in.


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