Friday, August 12, 2005

AOL, Microsoft Win Spam Lawsuits

On Tuesday, Microsoft a settlment in its lawsuit against a prolific spammer. The spammer agreed to them $7 million. A small amount for Microsoft, to be sure, but more substantial against the spammer.

Yesterday America Online was awarded $13 in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Virginia. The suit was filed under the 2003 CAN SPAM Act, which provides for seizure of spammer's assets. AOL is going to get some cash and a 2003 Hummer.

AOL is going to raffle off the seized assests to its subscribers, and donate other stuff to local schools.

According to the Washington Post, AOL credits the CAN SPAM law with helping with the problem.

AOL's deputy general counsel, Curtis Lu, said, "There are only a couple of dozen spammers who are responsible for the highest volume," he said. "This shows that under the tool that Congress gave us with CAN-SPAM we can really reach out and touch them . . . and when we find them we are going to hurt them badly."


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