Thursday, February 02, 2006

Personal Information Distributed with Newspaper

Apparently issues of the "The Boston Globe" and the "Worcester Telegram & Gazette" were distributed this past Sunday wrapped in paper containing personal financial information of 240,000 subscribers.

They were given out to 2,000 retailers and several hundred newspaper carriers, according to paper officials.

The information released included credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and even routing information for personal checks.

As companies like Choicepoint and Bank of America have done, the newspaper's corporate parent will offer those whose information was released a year of credit monitoring.

Apparently the information was printed out by an employee, discarded, and then mistaken for recylable paper, used to wrap the newspapers.

The event points to the need to educate employees about handling such information, and the problems that can come from access to compuer databanks of personal information.


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