Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tommy Thompson to Get Implantable Chip?

There are have been many stories lately that former Governor and Secretary of HHS Tommy Thompson is planning on getting a medical chip implanted. I still haven't been able to verfiy this, and remain a bit skeptical.

However, Thompson was appointed to the Board of Directors of Applied Digital Solutions, the maker of these chips, in July of 2005. So, that certainly makes the story more plausible. Maybe to work there you HAVE to get one. (Just kidding!)

I'm interested in these chips because they do hold some promise for the future but there is a great deal of misinformation about them too. The greatest being that you can be tracked, or that having one will help you in the event of a kidnapping.

If Thompson gets one, it would be for the publicity, presumably, and it would raise the profile of chips, (and the company) considerably.

That's what I call taking one for the team.


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