Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Is Tommy Thompson Going to Get Chipped?

I covered the news that former HHS head Tommy Thompson was planning on getting a VeriChip medical chip implanted back on August 18, when the news first broke. (http://privacy-law.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_privacy-law_archive.html).

I must say, I was pretty surprised.

According to an account from WorldNetDaily, he still hasn't gotten around to getting one.

Back then, he said he would "Absolutely, without a doubt," get chipped.

Apparently Liz McIntyre and Katherine Albrecht, the authors of who "Spychips" (described here previously) found out from the company that Thompson has been "too busy" to get chipped.

But there seems to be some pressure for Thompson to get one, since the company is about to go public. ""He said it on live television. We look forward to setting a firm date in accordance to his schedule and other commitments."

Looks like he might have to bite the bullet on this one.

One the plus side for Thompson, Hackensack University Medical Center has become the first hospital to put the chip-reading technology in its emergency room.

So, if he's ever in Hackensack, he'll be in great shape.


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