Monday, August 22, 2005

Breaches and Business Practices

The Los Angeles Times has an article about the practice of data brokers such as ChoicePoint offering to sell to consumers their own information that may have been disclosed in a security breach. In a sense, make money off of their mistake.

I realize such practices are tempting, and can even seem reasonable, but to others they seem like profting from negligence. Even extortion.

In any case, they are an invitation to even more state and federal regulation.

Here's a funny quote:

"We don't make use of domain names that are close to, or are misspellings
of, 'annualcreditreport' to try to create business," said TrueCredit
President John Danaher.

Asked about TransUnion's use of "annualcreditmonitoringreport," Danaher said:
"That doesn't have the words 'free, annual' in it."

More remarks like, and hearings followed by sweeping news laws won't be far behind.
Count on it.


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